The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 100 Answers

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  • Answers below.


  1. The two official languages of Canada are English and ______ (French)


  1. Today taonga means treasure. What did it mean in the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi? (property)


  1. Who was New Zealand’s prime minister when World War Two broke out? (Michael Joseph Savage)


  1. Jacinda Ardern was born in Hamilton, Te Awamutu or Morrinsville? (Hamilton)


  1. Mesas and buttes are landforms found in what type of landscape? (arid/desert)


  1. The possum is a protected species in Australia. True or false? (True)


  1. Which artist, in concert with Pablo Picasso, developed the style called Cubism? (Georges Braque)


  1. Which element has the symbol Pb? (lead)


  1. What does a cooper make? (barrels)


  1. Which American state has the abbreviation MS? (Mississippi)


  1. The Kiel Canal links which two seas? (Baltic and North Seas)


  1. When used in English what does pièce de résistance mean? (the most important feature/item)


  1. What are Andalus, Papyrus, Batang and Elephant? (fonts)


  1. Which city was the capital of the Confederacy during the American Civil War? (Richmond)


  1. Where on the body would you find the AC joint? ( the shoulder)


  1. In the Perry Como song which plays on the pronunciation of American states, what did Delaware? ( a brand New Jersey)


  1. How many moons does Saturn have? (53 named / 62 in total)


  1. Molesworth: an unnecessary and costly poisoning operation

    Who arrived at customs in America and is reputed to have said I have nothing to declare but my genius? (Oscar Wilde)


  1. In which farming area in the South Island was there a recent 1080 drop which killed hundreds of deer? (Molesworth)


  1. Who wrote the controversial novel Portnoy’s Complaint? (Philip Roth)