The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 10 Answers


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  1. TitanicWhich award winning film featured the Celine Dion hit My Heart Will Go On? (Titanic)


  1. In Biblical Palestine what was the Potters Field used for? (To bury strangers (and foreigners))


  1. The Germans called the city Danzig. What is the Polish name? (Gdansk)


  1. Who were Bill Massey’s Tourists? (New Zealand soldiers sent to fight in World War One)


  1. Bill MasseyWhat is the topic of New Zealander Adrian Kinnaird’s book From Earth’s End? (comics)


  1. Which American city has a football team called The Dolphins? (Miami)


  1. Who started the Reformation by nailing some demands on a church door? (Martin Luther)


  1. What part do trees play in the carbon cycle? (They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, amongst other things!)


  1. SunwolvesWhich two countries are providing teams in Super Rugby this year for the first time? (Argentina and Japan (SunWolves))


  1. What is the meaning of the Latin phrase quid pro quo? (something for something / a fair exchange)