Stop Wasting Money On Book Storage, says ROBB

Kapiti Coast District Council is spending $32,100 pa on storing Waikanae library books with a private company. But booklovers are worried.

Shelves in the ‘Democracy of Knowledge’

ROBB (Restore Our Book Budget, a group of residents fighting the massive cuts to  the budget for library books) say they confirmation of the $32,000 figure from James Jefferson, a KCDC Group Manager.

   “We expect to spend around $211,073 on new collection items this year ..  (a 50 percent reduction),”he says.

What has shocked ROBB is the cost of storing Waikanae’s books. Mr Jefferson said “The storage cost is $32,100 per annum.”  

The Chair of ROBB, Christopher Ruthe, says this seems to be an extravagant waste.

 ROBB has written to KCDC suggesting ways to save this money and spend it on books.

The letter says that as regular users of the Paraparaumu Library ROBB members are aware that it has ample room for displaying thousands of more books than it currently does. 

ROBB has also visited the Waikanae Pop-up library and the Otaki library. The latter clearly has more room for additional volumes.

 Waikanae library users will probably use the more extensive collection at Paraparaumu while the main Waikanae library remains closed.

Members  of ROBB at Waikanae beach, or near the expressway, say that they are going to Paraparaumu because of book choice and ease of parking.

The suggestion to KCDC  concludes:

“There seems to be no reason why the books in storage, or at least a substantial number of them, could not be relocated to the 2 remaining libraries, at a substantial saving to the ratepayer. If this alternative has not been fully considered we ask that you raise it with the Mayor.”

 ROBB is waiting for a response.

Stop more waste  KCDC

I love how we go round and round in circles on this issue.

@Cr. Elliot – I have two words: “transparency” & “representative”

Please, try to do more of both in this up coming triennium. Less personal agenda, would be nice as well.

Well Jackie it seems the sheep are falling into the trap set by you and your colleagues.

This all came about because you and the well paid people you work with did and have not done their job properly by fixing the Waikanae library in the first place. That is why there is no space. You people could fess up to your shortcomings but I doubt it.

Keep blaming everyone else because you do it so well…

Good question Henry! They will be best left in storage, unpacked. And so the sense of temporarily reducing the library materials budget slowiy sinks in……..thank goodness.

Every year the librarians dispose of older and little-used books. More space could be freed up for new acquisitions by accelerating that process – doing several years’ worth of collections refreshment in one year.

Well written and well said. I fully agree. It does, however, again make me wonder where the $200,000 worth of books (likely to be purchased by the new Council, by petition of ROBB) will be placed…?


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