Stop on the Kapiti 1080 Drop?

Kapiti Island (Photo Chris Keating)

That balanced biodiversity (Kapiti Island’s) is still a dream on the mainland, but in the first months of 2018, it will come significantly closer after a TBfree aerial 1080 possum control operation knocks down possums and rats across a large chunk of TB vector risk area – 11,000 hectares of bush and forest along the foothills of the Tararua Ranges, between the Akatarawa Road in the south and the Otaki River in the north. Michelle Edge OSPRI CEO December  2017

Not happening apparently

By Roger Childs

It was scheduled for February 2018, but OSPRI’s official documents show four other parts of the North Island set down for poisoning this year, but not the Tararua foothills.

Kapiti Biodiversity Officer, Rob Cross hasn’t heard anything, and it was he who announced last year’s September drop behind Waikanae.

So it appears that the birdlife, insects and animals in the hills behind Kapiti are safe, for now.

Reality check?

The Reikorangi Valley: no Tb.

Maybe OSPRI (Operational Solutions for Primary Industries), checked with the Ministry of Agriculture and “discovered” that New Zealand has, by world standards, been TB Free for about 10 years.

They may have also canvassed Reikorangi Valley inhabitants who would have told them that there is no TB in the area.

So Michelle there is no TB vector risk area.

OSPRI are DoC’s agents in carrying out 1080 drops and organised the disastrous Molesworth Operation late last year which killed hundreds of deer. (Scroll down to the December 12 article.)

This part of their work is destructive and wasteful. Is it time for OSPRI to be disbanded?

Deceiving the public?

The old signs

The word from down south is that DoC has dropped the use of the “word” 1080 on some of their signs and replaced it with sodium fluoroacetate.

Is anyone going to be fooled?

One gets the impression that more and more people are waking up to the ecological damage 1080 is doing, especially in killing kea, kiwis and other birds, and the insects they feed on.

A glimmer of hope from the new government, is that the governor general’s speech at the opening of parliament did mention looking for alternatives to 1080.

Prior to the election, New Zealand First was the one major party that had ending 1080 poisoning as a policy plank. Unfortunately their chief advocate, Richard Prosser, is no longer in parliament.

Maybe it’s time for Winston to step up.






Looking for alternatives for 1080 poison has been on the menu for years, when I approached our local MP nine years ago the story I was told ” we are spending a lot of money on developing
alternative poisons ” I said to her it is just another bloody poison, she shrugged her shoulders and her face screwed up and her head disappeared into her rib cage.what will be the replacement poison for 1080? Lew

I don’t think NZ First will be of any use – even though many of us voted for them because they were anti-1080 and pro the use of lead shot for duck shooting, but since the election their website disappeared instantly!

And DOC has lost it completely. One only has to look at the Mt Bruce Wildlife Centre, where 117 Kiwi (including all the white Kiwi) have either been killed by predators and 1080!

Plus, one only has to look at the state of our rivers, lakes & natural wetlands – all of which are so polluted that they will never recover!