Sophie Issues A Challenge To ‘Take The First Step(s)’On The Climate Crisis

“The climate crisis is here and now. Our brothers and sisters in the Pacific are on the frontlines of the impacts and see them every single day,” says Kāpiti Councillor Sophie Handford.

“So yes, the challenges of sea level rise, of increasing severe weather events and more frequent droughts are here. But so are we – so are the solutions.

This moment is crucial, as the window of time we have to step into our roles in the solution is closing.

There is so much at sake; the future of our collective home, of generations to come, of entire cultures and homelands.

So – how do we play our role in the solutions to climate change?

How do we embrace the responsibility and opportunity in front of us, without feeling paralysed by fear or like we’re just a tiny drop in a big bucket so nothing we do is going to make a difference?

We get started

We build tribes and we remember WHY we’re doing it.

To get started:,

Measure your carbon footprint: 

For business:

To get involved in activism for the planet, head to…



‘It’s a journey for all’

It’s a journey for all of us. A journey is only ever started with one step.

So choose your first step from the actions found at the links above. If you’ve already taken your first step, I challenge you to take a second. 

We’re all on this journey together, towards a sustainable Kāpiti and Aotearoa New Zealand.

( Sophie Handford:
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