Kāpiti Family Distraught

Jetstar replies to us about failure to help mother go to Auckland

By Alan Tristram

Jetstar has  responded to the Kāpiti  Independent story (above) with this statement:

“Jetstar extends its sympathies to Mrs Strange and her family.

Jetstar appreciates this would have been a stressful situation and regrets if the service received by her relative from our Call Centre was perceived as unsympathetic.”

Jetstar have also supplied the Independent with backgroud information which sets out its policy on compassionate cases:

  • Jetstar reviews requests to waive fare change fees on compassionate grounds on a case-by-case basis. Any fare difference is required to be paid.
  •  Compassionate requests are available to immediate family and require supporting documentation.
  •  In urgent situations, change fees and fare difference will be required to be paid and change fees may be refunded at a later date upon receipt of a request and supporting documentation.