Shark Attack Sequel

Guru says Jetstar should be ashamed for failing to help family

 By Alan Tristram

Kāpiti Coast District Councillor K Gurunathan (Guru) has castigated Jetstar airline officials for failing to help a relative trying to rush to Auckland after the death of shark victim Adam Strange.

Cr Gurunathan says Mr Strange’s aunt Kay Cresswell, of Paraparaumu Beach, had booked with Jetstar to go to Auckland next week.


He says: “When news of this tragedy broke she tried desperately to change her booking to an earlier flight so she could be in Auckland to provide support to a family in shock and grief. But Jetstar management were  unsympathetic.

“They then demanded $350 to make any change. Or, she was told, she could get a flight which was to leave in an hour!”

Note: The Kapiti Independent checked this story with Kay Cresswell this morning (following a phone query from the Jetstar PR Dept). Kay Cresswell says she called Jetstar by cellphone from Paraparaumu yesterday afternoon. The young woman Ms Cresswell dealt with was ‘helpful’ but said she had to refer the request for a ‘compassionate’ seat to management. She says this took 10 minutes and the answer from Jetstar management was ‘no.’

Earlier, the shark — possibly up to 12 feet long — killed Mr Strange near Muriwai Beach, West Auckland. It disappeared after police who were attempting to save Mr Strange fired gunshots.

Soon after Mr Strange’s mother and Aunt heard the news, Ms Cresswell phoned Jetsar to try to make the urgent booking , but finally received the unsympathetic reply from management

Cr Gurunathan’s reaction

Mr Gurunathan, who is a ward Councillor for Paraparaumu,  says: ” I am appalled by this corporate profiteering

“I wish to convey my deepest sympathy to Mr Strange’s mother —  and to his Aunt Kay.”

“Mr Strange’s mother Janette and his aunty are both residents of Paraparaumu Beach.”

Guru adds: “I am issuing this public statement because I am appalled by the behaviour of air passenger carrier Jetstar.

“But I wish to thank the police who were very supportive and helped to arrange an alternative flight on Air New Zealand.”








I would have jumped a $65 standby with Air New zealand from our local airport to Auckland in the first instance.

Typical of Jetstar they weren’t very sympathetic when the jammed a passengers leg in the door on a flight I was on last year

Well done, Guru! … another horror story about Jetstar. Must say though in their defence a bit that the steward was very helpful when I asked for the seat I’d paid for (5 dollars) to choose but found someone else in it and when he told me to go sit in another empty seat the steward sorted him out … however, it’ll take more than that for me to fly Jetstar again … too many late flights … maybe they could help with flyovers to look for sharks to shoot as they go about their lives in their habitat mistaking the occasional human for a seal.

Yes well done Guru too many Jetstar horror stories I’m afraid. Can’t imagine Air NZ behaving like this.
Shame on you Jetstar.