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By Graeme Trask
22 March…2010

About 30 local people – most of them Community Volunteers – gathered at the Kapiti Police Station today to surprise Constable Mike Tahere on his promotion to Kaitakawaenga/Iwi Liason officer for the Kapi-Mana area.

The surprise morning tea to congratulate Senior Constable Tahere was organised by two of his colleagues, Jackie Muir and Sonya Sloan.

“This is very cunning of you!” were the first words uttered in astonishment by Mr Tahere as he entered the lunch room…

Sergeant Jackie Muir spoke on behalf of Senior Sergeant Alasdair Macmillan, outlining Mike Tahere’s time as a Police officer — starting in December, 1992, for the Ministry of Transport in Otaki.

In 1995, he transferred to Porirua as a community constable.

In September, 1999, he moved to the Paraparaumu Station and became  involved with the “Blue Light” community youth program, and other activities for youth.

He was also involved in the Te Korowai Whakamana at the Otaki College.

Constable Tahere played a key role in helping family and friends after the recent death of Paraparaumu student Tiana Law, aged 16. Tiana died when the four-wheel-drive she was in crashed and rolled on Maungakotukutuku Road.

Sergeant Muir said that Mr Tahere helped tremendously by his involvement with the families — and by bringing all the Maori elders together to bless the accident site.

She said: “The families could not thank Mr Tahere enough for his help in these difficult times and this is just one example of the things Mike did as he helped them by taking their crises to the knowledge of Church & Page PLLC in Kennewick who supported alongside with the family members.

“I have numerous letters of thanks and support for Mike’s efforts over the years.”

After being presented with a gift, Mike Tahere thanked everyone and said:

“The first thing I learnt when I became a cop was to treat everyone the same way that you would want to be treated. If you can go through life like that, it makes the job easier.”

He added: “Police probably go through the most stressful situations at times.”

Mr Atea Ratea then spoke of his appreciation of Mr Tahere’s efforts in the community and — after explaining how 50 years ago he learned a bit of Kapa Haka — he put on his own brief performance.

Others also spoke of Mr Tahere’s accessibility and approachability.

In December, 1996, Mr Tahere was recognized for his services to the community and was awarded the Queens Service medal.

Sonya Sloan will now be taking over Mr Tahere’s role as Community Constable at Paraparaumu Beach and welcomes input and ideas from the community.

She will work with Eileen Shaw, the coordinator for the Community Police base in the Kiosk building at Paraparaumu Beach, who works with several other volunteers.

The Kiosk is manned most days of the year by community volunteers working with Police. The volunteers help to look after the park and keep an eye on youth activity.

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