Scott Brown: A Suitable US Ambassador?

 A sensational story for the front page

By Roger Childs

A good man for New Zealand?

The suggestion that the former Massachusetts Senator might be an unsuitable pick for Ambassador to New Zealand, was a hyped-up story for the lead article in the Sunday Times.

Posing naked for Cosmopolitan; support for waterboarding; sexual harassment charges at Fox News and wanting to come to New Zealand to cycle, were made into a case for Brown being a highly unsuitable choice.

The main source was a Boston Globe story which made no reference to support for water boarding or the sexual harassment charges.

Putting things in perspective

The support for waterboarding was made when Brown was a Senator, a position he lost over four years ago. The sexual harassment charges have not yet gone to court and the cycling reference was a quote from 2015.

The Globe piece did actually include this endorsement from a former US attorney in Massachusetts: I think Scott Brown would be a terrific selection as a diplomat on behalf of the United States. He’s got terrific interpersonal skills, great instincts, highly regarded, well thought of.

A hard act to follow: Mark and Nancy Gilbert (Photo by Pam Childs)

Brown is a well educated lawyer who has served in the military, including time in Afghanistan. He also had six years in the Massachusetts legislature, as well as three years as junior Senator for the state.

For Brown, a New Zealand ambassadorial post would be a reward for supporting Trump’s presidential campaign, but we need to remember that the last ambassador, Mark Gilbert, was a successful fund raiser for Barack Obama.

On the face of it, Brown might not be a great choice for Ambassador, but we need to know more and not just base our judgement on one sensationalised Sunday Times story.

However, as the Boston Globe reports, he may end up with a government position in Washington.