School Row Escalates

Waikanae Teacher canes media and Hekia on class sizes

A Waikanae School teacher disputes claims by Education Minister Hekia Parata, and the media, that increasing class sizes will provide funds to help schools.

And Peter Corlett says the way news headlines can distort reality particularly worries him.

Mr Corlett says: “Take for instance the following from the NZ Herald that boldly states –‘Class size changes: Funds to help schools.’  How can this be seen as factual?

Class size plan hits students

He says the truth is that the headline should read: “Class size changes: Most students to be disadvantaged with schools to lose teachers

Whether it is $42M or $30M or $2M that the government intends to ‘save,’ he says, the truth is that schools will have fewer teachers, otherwise there will be no ‘saving.’

“If I was a parent with school aged children, or a grandparent with my grandchildren heading off to school I would be concerned,says Mr Corlett.

“Under the new regime, schools will have fewer classes, classes will have more students in them,  and students will be worse off especially if they need any sort of individualised support.

Waikanae School ‘fortunate’ in the past

“We (Waikanae School) have been fortunate that with a school roll of around 450 primary students this has allowed us to have several classes at each year level.

“This has then allowed us to distribute troubled students and students that do not get on well together, into different classes.

“With fewer classes, these options will no longer be there.  Thus, with these students together, their disruptive behaviour will cause further interference to students who do want to learn and achieve.”

Mr Corlett concludes by calling for newspaper headlines that ‘do tell the truth about the effects of the stated policy of cutting funding to our schools.’

He says: “The funding cuts are the kind of help that schools and children can do without.”

As I said a while ago regarding this joke of a minister (just like all 120? of them)
She is going to be hated by Kiwis, as yet another lying buck shoving (on to future generations) low life, who is helping suck the life and happiness out of this country. And helping to paint us into a inescapable corner.
I guess telling the truth is way to much to ask of our so called public servants.
Kiwisaver yeah right

Come clean, all of you bastards

We seem to be getting mixed messages from this government particularly on education.

First we have we need to upskill our workforce – then we have cuts to technical teacher numbers,

Then we have to increase quality education – but an increase in class sizes.

Then we have performance pay available to some teachers who provide that quality education – where the public sector is faced with bigger classes and fewer choices of topics to provide that quality education

What seems clear to me is that the quality education will come with the private schools which have lower pupil numbers per class.

Another way of the poor communities paying for our more privileged communities?