Royals From Scunthorpe?

Royals or Republic?

During royal tours I think that if sycophancy was an Olympic event then New Zealand would be a medal prospect.  Dave Artmstrong The Dominion Post

Born to privilege

Editorial by Roger Childs

Scunthorpe couple leaving UK?
Scunthorpe couple leaving UK?

Imagine these scenes at Wellington airport last week. Will and Kate Windsor and their baby from Scunthorpe, arrive in New Zealand for a holiday. They’ve been saving for over a year.

Squashed in cattle class, they’ve flown for 20 hours from London. There is a15 minute wait to get off the plane, another 20 to get through the passport check, 20 minutes more in customs then another 15 flocking round the carousel to get their luggage. 

Then it’s on the airport bus to get to their Newtown motel. 

William, Catherine and Boy George

royal coupleAn hour later, William and Catherine Windsor with baby Boy George, arrive in the capital in their jet. So it’s up out of the plush royal seats and time for a quick stretch. 

Nanny has got the baby, so they walk down the steps to the cheers of the waiting crowd. They smile and wave, and are whisked off in a sleek limousine, to the comforts of government house.

A different arrival experience compared to the Scunthorpe Windsors, but of course William  Duke of Cambridge, was born into royalty.

A king or a president?

As a country we need to do some serious thinking about who heads our political system.

We claim to be an egalitarian society but when we look at the huge differences in incomes, living standards and housing there is evidence that it is not so. Nevertheless we do have a democracy of sorts, but the head of state lives on the other side of the world.

The country is currently going crazy over the royal visitors and the media is particularly sycophantic.

There is no question that Will is a nice chap, Kate is quite sweet and George is a bonny lad. However we taxpayers are paying for this privileged, wealthy family and their entourage, to visit our fair land.

Time to  run our own show

Surely it’s time to break the last political ties with Great Britain, run our own show and save some money. Let the royals from any nation come and stay without any palaver and at their own expense.


So who is the brave KIN reporter who cannot put his/her name to this load of old codswallop.
I should think that people from Scunny would be extremely pleased to be anywhere else for whatever travelling problem that they may have had.
As for even thinking of time to break with Royalty, has to be a no brainer, can you imagine having a President or some such other named head, we would forever become a cot case, like those countries who are forever in and out of Office, for some reason or another, more likely due to back handers etc. Whatever Planet are you on!!!!!!!!!!!
The mind boggles at all the possible forms of skulduggery that would be opened up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Has K.I.N. been taken over by a set of radicals, as this is the second time lately that I have had to have a genuine rant. Please Alan, I hope it is not you, just bring back some sense.
“if it works, don’t fix it”

We did say it is an ‘Editorial by Roger Childs.’

As for me, I am still hoping for a knighthood from the Queen for my six years penal servitude on the KCDC.

Best wishes

Alan T