Ross Re-Runs

Ross Church 3Off-and-on again candidate is back racing for Kapiti mayoralty

By Alan Tristram

Kapiti Coast councillor Ross Church has changed his mind again about running for the Kapiti Mayoralty.

Last month he told the Kapiti Independent he’d decided to pull out of the race even before the starter’s gun had fired on August 16.

But he’s now joined the race again, saying he’s found someone to run his Auto Classics business if he’s elected.

His earlier decision to not stand, he said, was heavily influenced by the fact that he’d find it hard to run his business,attend to business lecturing commitments, and take on the full-time job of Mayor.

Facing stiff competition

But, back in the contest, Cr Church will be facing stiff competition from sitting Mayor Jenny Rowan — and from fellow Councillor K Gurunathan, Otaki Board member Jackie Elliott, and former British Army farrier Gavin Welsh.

But it’s an all-or-nothing venture. Cr Church says he won’t be standing again as councillor ; so if he loses the Mayoral race he will be retiring from local body politics.

One of his election pledges is openness: “I am going to open up the Mayor’s office,” he told the Kapiti News.

“I will sit downstairs in the foyer and let people come and talk to the Mayor.”

‘A lot of group think’

Cr Church was also  critical of the present council culture.

He said there was a lot of ‘group think’ and the trouble with that was , as individuals, councillors stopped thinking.

He also told the News that new blood was needed on the Council and this would help to ‘keep people thinking fresh.’