Ross Church’s Plans

ross churchNew Mayor promises better communication with public

Ross Church, who has been a KCDC Councillor for three years , is the owner of Autoclassics at Parapraumu Beach and is a 33-year Kapiti resident. He is also a tutor in business studies.

And he’s promising to be more open and communicative when dealing with the Kapiti Coast public.

He also wants rate increases kept as low as possible. He says: “In 2010 I was appalled at the projected rates increases of 10, 11 and even 12%.

“As chair of Corporate Business Committee I helped get that down to an average under 5%. Better, and there’s still room for improvement, and we’ve bought the vital dam land and the equally vital playing fields/green belt.

“In the next 3 years Kapiti needs to make the best of the impending  amalgamation, so that our rates aren’t lost into super-city coffers,  without local representation.”

Mr Church also says the last administration was  perceived as ‘uncommunicative.’

He says: “Change is needed. Council needs open, transparent leadership. Your mayor needs to be available, and responsive, to you.”

And he’s campaigned on encouraging developments which improve the economic health of Kapiti.

It is a tragedy we have lost Jenny – the most altruistic person I have ever met – as our Mayor. Sadly, those who do not understand why we had to have water meters and the coastal hazard lines on the LIMS have given us a council who look like they will not work cooperatively for the good of the community. But – time will tell. They may surprise us.

Me – I am looking forward to seeing how Ross Church will get a dam built by volunteers, his office being the foyer of the council building and lower rates – as he has promised. I think just keeping Jackie Elliott and Guru in order will be hard enough!

What happened? That the most energetic, communicative, inclusive and visionary mayor I have seen in action has been dumped by the electorate is deeply disturbing. And along with her a group of highly effective councillors – even the perennial top-of-the-poll Peter Ellis, as well as experienced and intelligent men like Roger Booth and Tony Lester. What an odd council has been elected!

Clearly there’s been a failure to make a realistic political prediction. The Rowan council has achieved a huge amount but at the cost of stirring up enemies. It will be remembered for doing great work in future-proofing the district. And the loss of the experienced and amiable Jenny at this critical point (expressway, super-city) has grave implications. ‘… [O]pen, transparent leadership … mayor needs to be available and responsive’! Jenny Rowan has delivered spectacularly on these requirements of the job.