Revolution on Coast?

GuruGuru second in Kapiti Mayoral race — Jenny Rowan a distant third

By Alan Tristram

The Kapiti Coast woke this morning to find a revolution had taken place with the help of the District’s 19,000-plus voters.

Sitting Mayor Jenny Rowan has come only a distant third to her two top rivals — Councillors

'Clear support for macron'
‘Clear support for macron’

Church and Gurunathan.

Some would call it a palace coup — others a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions, with her former colleagues weilding the election knives in a deadly fashion.

Ms Rowan, who has served two terms, came third — nearly 3,400 votes behind front-runner Ross Church — and well over two thousand votes behind K Gurunathan.

It’s a result no-one seemed to predict, except various groups of dis-satisfied residents.

Here are the provisional results from the KCDC website (note that these are the figures after several STV iterations or countings:

Church, Ross elected 7933
Gurunathan, K (Guru)  excluded 6779
Rowan, Jenny 104 excluded  4543
Welsh, Gavin 107 excluded 3675
Elliott, Jackie excluded 1974
Scott, David John excluded 1501Sage, Ivan 105 excluded 463
The detailed results can be seen on the Council’s website …

I am now hearing extremely disturbing scuttlebutt that we have the new mayor having already established Ammundsen as the Deputy mayor. If this is correct,it is totally out of order,as I do not believe that all of the councillors have been asked of their opion as to this position. It will also lead to a situation of returning to previous councils,whereby the various situations are being dealt with behind closed doors prior to the council meeting,so that the mayor gets all the ducks in a row. We do NOT want another three years of a dictatorial regime. We want and require a council led by a mayor who can show that they are perfectly open and transparent,without any half truths. We require the complete truth with all projects fully costed,and without huge blowouts,ensuring that such costings are completely affordable for the Kapiti ratepayers.

Headline says Jenny Rowan a distant third – true, I guess, after all the iterations but not on first preferences. It seems like voters were mostly either for Jenny (first preference) or wanting a change (not putting her second or third) – because on the initial first preferences Jenny was just ahead of Guru (Church 4655, Guru 4016, Rowan 4069) – but once the other four were eliminated and their other preferences redistributed, it came out at Round 5: Church 6676, Guru 5666, Rowan 4543 – ie Ross had gained just over 2000, Guru over 1500 and Jenny just under 500.

I agree with your comments. I think it’s good for democracy that the new mayor won under both STV and a basic FPP model (looking at only the 1’s). And we will never know how the other 50% (who didn’t vote) may have voted.

What Planet are you on, it was a foregone conclusion that the mayor was dog tucker. So lets hope that we have a great replacement,we certainly need someone who listens to the community.