Reporters’ Club

2 demoParaparaumu School reporters cover demolition story

By Alan Tristram

It’s not often local stories are coverd by four journalists.

But the Paraparaumu School students in the Reporters’ Club have created a news event themselves by giving us four different versions of the demolition of the school administration block.

We’re pleased to present the full, four-part story by Elleanor Woods, Marino Jenkins, Maia Hoskins and Caleb Morley.

First, here’s Elleanor Woods’s gripping account, followed by reports from  the other three journalists —

It’s going to be ugly Before it gets pretty

By Elleanor Woods (11)

Ongoing horror strikes Paraparaumu School as Naylor Love bring down the old and highly toxic Admin Block. People glare and some cry at this terrible event, teachers watch and so do the parents.

Naylor Love came in to the whole school assembly and showed the kids what the plan is of the new Admin Block. It is very big and a non-toxic wonderful…palace, I should say, it fits the picture perfectly.

The teachers give everyone their own copy of the new Admin Block, in black and white though. But it’s still a good opportunity to show family and friends what’s going on, so they don’t get curious or confused.

Everyone now knows that Naylor Love is just giving us what we’ve always wanted:  a non-toxic, good looking, welcoming Admin Block for everyone to enjoy. We are hoping the new Admin Block will be finished in July sometime this year.


Paraparaumu School Admin Building Destroyed!

By Marino Jenkins (12)   

On the 24th of February 2014, Paraparaumu School got to witness the tragic event of their 15 year old admin building get destroyed simply because it wasn’t fit for purpose due to mould and leaking. 1 de molition pram school 

The Naylor Love Construction Company was instructed and paid to take down and demolish the old admin building which will soon be replaced by a new and improved admin building.

The Naylor Love Company destroyed the admin building with large machinery like huge diggers.

While the destruction was taking place I felt and I think we all felt pretty entertained while this was taking place, but also just a little bit sad because our admin building was fairly old, and we have some really fun memories over the years.

It is estimated that the brand spanking new admin building will be completed around July this year. 


3 demoParaparaumu School New Admin Block

By Maia Hoskins

Naylor Love Construction is working at Paraparaumu School to build a new administration building. The administration building has been at Paraparaumu School since 1999 but because of leaking and mould the building had to be knocked down.

      At the moment Naylor Love have knocked down the administration office and they have cleaned up all the rubble. The first noise of the building coming down was about 10 minutes to 3 on Monday 24th February. We were working in class when we heard a big bang. It was really cool to see the building being knocked down.

    The school is estimating the rebuilding of the administration office will be finished in July this year.


Admin Gone Bang4 demolition pram school

By Caleb Morley

On Monday 24th February 2014 Paraparaumu School’s administration building got demolished; Naylor Love Construction came to our school. At about 2:50 pm we heard a bang; all the children and teachers went running outside to see the demolition.  It was sad to see it get knocked down.

Naylor Love Construction came to our school on Friday the 21st.   A constructor came to our assembly and talked to us about what was going to happen in the next 5 months. He also said there was a competition where the kids had to design a poster to remind the workers that they have to be safe on the construction site.

They came to demolish our admin building because the building was rotting and the walls had mildew.  They said that July was the big month as it was the month that the building was expected to be finished. The admin building was officially opened in 2003 by All Black Fullback, Christian Cullen, but the build of it was completed in 1999.

The excavator came in and started loosening up the roof and the workers started to remove the windows. Then the excavator started to smash the building with its huge bucket it sounded like a big bomb explosion.

Paraparaumu School have a lot to look forward to over the next 4 months. The building has also made it difficult for staff and students because the office is in the dentist building, and Mrs Bird, our principal, is in a portacom for the meantime; the staff room is in room 6 which is a class that is not used anymore.






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