Remembering the Departed

Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but openings

where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.

A poignant and reflective time

By Roger Childs

Yesterday there was a moving service at the Mary Potter Hospice in Paraparaumu.

More than 80 people who had used the hospice before they passed on, were remembered.

There was a stars theme this year, and the readings and music reflected the meaning of life and death as we ponder on the night sky.

Those attending were asked to hang a star on a board with the names of loved ones on the back, and to take away a memory stone.

One of the poems struck a particular chord, as the sentiments can be readily appreciated by all those who have lost their spouse or partner.


The Book

Go to that place we loved, our secret place.
Close your eyes and you’ll see my face.

Play that tune, that tune we loved to hear.
Close your eyes and you’ll see me clear.

Walk on a beach or climb to the top of a hill.
Close your eyes and you’ll see me still.

Take a sip of wine, of dark red wine.
Close your eyes and you’ll see me fine.

At night go out and look at the brightest star.
Close your eyes and you’ll see me far.

On a day when the sky is blue and cold and clear,
Close your eyes and you’ll see me near.

Take down a book that would have been my choice.
Open the book. Close your eyes. You’ll hear my voice.

By Paul Meadows

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