Great UK Football Ahead

How to get the Premier League news

By Dave Daniel

Football on TVThe English Premier League is under way and I’ll be keeping you informed as I follow progress via the BBC and Guardian websites.

These for me,  give the most informed content. ( Of course, by the time you read this, results will already be known and the various media platforms will be alive with opinions and analysis!)

Broadcasting rights in NZ are held by English Premier League Pass  and, while I haven’t purchased a season pass, I am trying out a week’s free trial and will let you know how it goes.

Television is of course how we all view our favourite sports and it’s provided some memorable moments for me.

An amazing match viewed from Kilbirnie

I recall the 1999 European Cup Final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich at the Camp Nou in Barcelona. United we’re trailing 1-0 and justifiable so as Bayern had

~ controlled the game
~ hit the woodwork twice
~ scored a vital goal.

Man U v B MThe rest is history, as they say: United scored twice in the last three minutes of injury time, to lift the trophy. The Bayern players could hardly believe what had happened and collapsed on the turf at the final whistle.

As for me, watching in my flat in Kilbirnie, I leapt off the sofa and ran around with my arms outstretched like an aeroplane making strange loud noises. It was a special moment, one I will not forget but it does not compare with actually being there at the game.

A memorable experience firsthand in London

In the 60’s I went to White Hart Lane to watch Manchester United play Tottenham Hotspur. Back then of course, the vast majority of the 50,000 crowd stood on the terraces. I bravely took up position behind one of the goals where all the action was. It was a volatile place to be amidst a noisy shifting mass of humanity.

Denis-Law-001Most of all I remember a goal scored by Denis Law. The great George Best crossed the ball with a perfectly executed overhead kick before any Spurs defenders could close him down and Denis Law powered a header into the roof of the net. It was special, brilliant and I was in absolute awe. The other memory is of cause the atmosphere which was electric, the adrenalin rush of being in the dangerous part of the ground and being carried around as the crowd surged.

I gave my mother a rather sanitised version of events and all of a sudden I felt more grown up, a risk taker, a real supporter, but most of all I could say I was there to witness a magical goal created by two of the greatest players of their generation.

Looking in the crystal ball for the coming season
Some of my mates have asked me who I feel will finish in the top four of the Premier League this season. I am picking Chelsea Chelseato win with Manchester City, Liverpool and Man United to fill the other spots.

Having said that, I have just watched United go down to Swansea and they have an enormous amount of work to do so maybe fourth is being generous to them.

You can also bet that Arsenal, Spurs and Everton will also be thereabouts and I would pick the Gunners to take that 4th spot should United falter.

See you next time.