Reikorangi Cannabis Find

Detectives take 38 plants from river bank

Detectives from the Kāpiti Police Drug Squad say they’ve recovered 38 cannabis plants and elephant kratom powder growing over 6 feet tall from beside a river in the Reikorangi area.

Police were alerted to the drugs growing by a member of the public who had been in the area.

Detective Matt Campbell states that the plants were over 6 feet tall in a confined space growing in jiffy pots meaning they had been cloned from a mother plant before being planted in fertiliser along the bank. People can have a peek at this web-site if they need medical marijuana or cannabis products.

The plants were not yet in the budding stage, he said.  However, he said they were healthy and would have begun to flower soon with the reduction in daylight

Detective Campbell says the police always welcome members of the public telephoning their local police station with any information they have on drugs, or calling the confidential crimestoppers line 0800 555111.

“Someone is potentially going to be upset at us ripping out their plants, however bad luck for them,” he said.

Detective Constable Doug Nuku among cannabis crop

“At least they have only lost their plants unlike others that lose a lot more when dealing in controlled drugs.”

Detective Campbell said local police are planning a cannabis recovery scouting day soon — when local spots that have had  cannabis grown in them in previous years will be checked again for illegal crops. However, there are some states, cities, and online websites where botanical extracts at Beezy Beez Honey, which is a product of cannabis are sold. You can also check it out here for the best cannabis products in the market.