Readers Sign Up To Get Books Back for Kāpiti Libraries

Anne Marie Tomlinson, of Restore Our Books Budget, collected some 140 signatures for the campaign to restore the libraries’ budget yesterday.

She says: ‘I consumed 4 coffees and got a tad chilly and my arthritic ankles are complaining!
‘But positioning yourself outside a library is a great way of getting signatures.’

Anne Marie spent more than two hours outside the Paraparaumu Library and says most people were more than happy to back the campaign.

The Kapiti Coast Council slashed the District’s books and materials budget by $192,000, or nearly 50 percent, in its annual plan.

So the Petition is calling for an immediate reversal of the funding cut, proper funding for new library acquisitions, and a commitment to increase funding levels to the equivalent of Wellington in three years.

Hi Jackie,
It seems you might have been at the back of the math classroom. You just do not seem to get that the people will do whatever they wish to. That’s a bit like what you and your compatriots do, whatever you want and then shove it down our throats.

Any lack of shelf space cannot be laid at the door of readers. You know readers, they pay your wages. Any lack can only be laid at the door of those who would ask the public to trust them. Clearly that trust has been betrayed once again but we are getting used to that now. Attempting to do this thing in secret was foolish but power can make people do some strange things.

Democracy as such has never worked as well as it could because of the folks who stand for office. Once on the public tit they seem to feel invulnerable to the pleas of the average ratepayer although it must be said that some do rather well by our wallets. We spend quite a bit of dosh supporting sports clubs for one as well as the other various things you folks require.

I have been in the same room as council and an elderly lady neighbour once wanted to come with me having never been to such an event. When we left she kept on repeating to me, “I can’t believe how they treated you”. I thought it was quite funny really but Normsy was quite put out by it all (this was under the second hand car dealer’s reign).

This same leader is responsible for allocating our miserly 3 minute public speaking time to after your boring 3 hour meetings.
This thing we got ain’t democratic in any viable way as far as this ratepayer is concerned and I am concerned and hope the new orchestra plays the tunes the voters want to hear. We both know of course that this is unlikely but one must live in hope or…

I note my previous comments correcting facts abou the temporary part book budget re-allocation to fund the Pop-Up library fit out in Waikanae have been DELETED by the editors.
Why can’t you let the readers see a balaced and factual story?
Once again, this article is incorrect and asks for a Kapiti book budget increase next year to $2.47 million, this wont be happening as ratepayers can not afford that sort of money and K.C.D.C. would have to build 9 other libraries in Kapiti to house them. As it is there are 20,000 books unpacked in storage here and 18,000 from this current years order still to arrive and go into storage because of temporarily reduced shelf space.
This petition and it’s organisers do not have the support of ‘Friends Of The Library’ and appears to be set up to provide publicity for the organisers at election time, is misleading the public and the poor volunteers standing out on the cold gathering signatures…………………… sad. If anyone would like any clarification please feel free to contact me.

Jackie,you should know that we have not approached Friends of the Library for their support.

They do their own thing, as KIN has made clear in a Front Page story.

But, in essence, we want the same thing– the correction of the terrible mistake you and your fellow councillors, and the Mayor, made in raiding the Libraries’ books and materials budget.

This was immoral and wrong — and I am afraid you will all suffer the consequences at the ballot box.

Alan Tristram, Editor


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