Raumati Track Dangerous?

Redevelopment of a popular link track

Story by Roger Childs, photos by Pam Childs

The Kennedy Track
The Kennedy Track looking towards Alexander Road

The short trail that connects Alexander Road and Matatua Road in Raumati Beach, has seen substantial work done in the last nine months. Known to some local runners as the Kennedy Track, this link is well used by people on foot and mountain bike, as it provides a short cut to Weka Park or going the other way, to the beach.

The May 2015 floods caused some scouring out in the area and subsequently the track was closed while the north bank was shored up with large rocks.

Earlier this year the surface was redone and the track widened in places for the Kapiti Women’s Triathlon runners to go out and back from Marine Gardens.

However there are concerns that the largely unfenced track is a danger.

An accident waiting to happen?

The north bank shored up with rocks after the May floods last year
The north bank shored up with rocks after the May floods last year

Obviously the Council (KCDC) hasn’t got the resources to fence off the tracks alongside the full length of the Wharemauku Stream. However, this short section, because it is narrow in places and has rocks supporting much of the north bank, is a potential hazard, especially for children.

One local resident postulated the situation of a young mother with a stroller and a toddler being momentarily distracted and the small kiddy following a dog into the stream.

Another local surmised that if someone nearby put in a swimming pool, KCDC would be quick to remind the owner of the need for fencing around the water.

No far from track to steep drop
Not far from track to steep drop

Yet another Raumatian feels that there is particular danger in the dark, especially where the track narrows. Some late night Boundary Tap and Kitchen patrons use the trail on their way home.

At present there is a fence for a short distance at the narrow section off Matatua Road, but this quickly peters out.

In the short term, the Council could put in waratah fencing to provide some protection before an accident happens.

(KIN will check with KCDC about whether there are any plans to extend the existing small fence.)