Rat Packs of Raumati

rat oneKapiti Pied Pipers to hold rat trap workshop

By Guy Burns

A community initiative to rid the Raumati South area of rats is underway.

Raumati South Resident’s Association in conjunction with Raumati Rat-Pac say they’ll hold a special workshop ( from 10 to 12am) next  Sunday, March 6, at the small park opposite Raumati South Shops.

 Assembling the rat traps

The workshop will assemble DOC designed rat-traps which will be available for sale at $16.rat three

People are invited to turn up for the free lessons, bringing  a battery-drill  (#2 square drive bit), tin snips or side cutters and a hammer.

This workshop ties in with the Kapiti Mainland Island project, an animal pest control programme in Queen Elizabeth Park, Whareroa Farm Reserve, the Paekākāriki-Pukerua escarpment, including  the village of Paekākāriki.

The aim is to hit the rat population in the urban area of Raumati.

 Extra benefits

rat twoElimination of rats in urban areas has additional benefits for residents by preventing property damage and encouraging native wildlife within the urban zone.

The organisers say: ‘We’re working closely with the Paekakariki Rat-Pac to help eradicate rats from Raumati South, QE Park all the way to Paekakariki.’

This is a worthwhile enterprise by Guy and others. The KCDC should also be carrying out a baiting programme around the area at the same time.