Pope Sacks Palmie Bishop

RNZ reports the Pope has accepted the resignation of the Bishop of Palmerston North, Charles Drennan, following an investigation into a complaint of unacceptable behaviour of a sexual nature.

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Bishop Charles Drennan has been in his Palmerston North role for the last eight years.Photo: Supplied / Catholic Church

Drennan’s behaviour ‘completely unacceptable’

The Metropolitan Archbishop of New Zealand, Cardinal John Dew, said in the eyes of the Catholic church, Bishop Drennan’s behaviour was completely unacceptable.

“No doubt it is a question that will be asked by the authorities in Rome – how behaviour, which is completely unacceptable and inappropriate could be undertaken by someone in the role of a bishop,” he said.

The complaint was made by a young woman and the former bishop tendered his resignation to Pope Francis.

The Pope’s decision was announced by the Vatican at 11pm on Friday NZ time.

Bishop was in the inquiry into sex abuse!

Bishop Drennan is also leaving his role with the Royal Commission into historic abuse. He stepped aside from the role several weeks ago.

Charles Drennan was the only high ranking clergyman on the group managing co-operation between the Catholic Church and the Royal Commission.

How ex-bishop Drennan could have the gall to accept a position on the Commission into historic abuse is beyond belief. His case and others recently publicized are, sadly, probably just the tip of the iceberg. Over the years I’ve had friends brought up in the Catholic school system and the boys knew who the predatory priests and brothers were. They were often given nicknames like “Fiddler Fred”. Celibacy is a unnatural state for young, and older, adults and there is no biblical injunction to justify it. Sexual abuse has a long history in the church and it is good that the Catholic hierarchy now openly acknowledges it. The previous pope may well have resigned because of rumours of cover-ups that were swirling. Pope Francis has been responsible for many reforms in the Church and he now needs to lead the moves towards terminating the vows of celibacy required for men entering the priesthood.

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