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Protest at Speakers' Corner in April abut ramp cancellation
Protest at Speakers’ Corner in April abut ramp cancellation

Council staff finally get disability message

By Alan Tristram

Following the debacle over the off-again, on-again ramp at the new Aquatic Centre in Paraparaumu, Kapiti Council staff are finally getting the disability message.

All staff are being asked to attend ‘Disability Responsiveness and Awareness Workshops.’  Kerry Granshaw, Aquatic Swim School manager, says in an email to staff: “We are holding more …workshops and aim to have all Council staff attend to benefit from this learning.”

It’s learning that is badly needed because after originally planning to provide a ramp for the disabled and elderly at the Pool, Council suddenly changed it’s mind last year and scrapped the ramp.

Then after a massive public outcry earlier this year, the KCDC announced — after investigations — that it could put a ramp back in.

The memo to Council staff says the aims of the disability lessons are:

  • To provide basic training for Council staff – providing them with a range of new options and techniques to respond positively and appropriately

to people with disabilities.

  • To provide staff with the tools and strategies to ‘make a difference’ for people with disabilities in a range of different Council settings.
  • To value and share the disability responsiveness work already being undertaken by Council staff – enabling others to learn from them.
  • To enable staff to meet and learn from leaders and role models with disabilities in Kāpiti.
  • To use the training sessions as a ‘springboard’ for the development of the Council’s policies and strategies on disability issues.

The workshops will be held at EOC and there are six dates to choose from:

The lessons start on July 9(tomorrow) and will run from  9am – 1pm.

The other five workshops will be spread out frlom July 10 to September 11.








Disability awareness and responsive training is part of basic training for all our aquatics staff. Staff at Waikanae and Ōtaki pools also underwent such training when these pools were brought under Council management. This is part of Kapiti Aquatics professional development programme to provide staff that are knowledgeable and professional and responsive to the needs of all pool users.
Alison Law
Aquatics Facilities manager
Kāpiti Coast District Council

Treaty workshops next, then some kiwi host courses.
Pity these employees don’t come qualified 🙂