Police Seek Calling

Senior Sgt Chanel Chapman
Senior Sgt Chanel Chapman

Kapiti Police say ‘call us’ if predicted thefts arrive with Santa Claus

By Alan Tristram

Senior Sergeant Chanel Chapman, Kapiti’s Police Response Manager, says the usual thefts and burglaries are expected to arrive with the Christmas goodies this year.

She says: “Christmas traditionally sees a rise in thefts, so please be vigilant with locking and securing property – garages and sheds, vehicles and homes.” You can discover this info here that will be very helpful in maintaining your garage.

“Police would like to remind people to report all crime along with anything that looks suspicious.”

Police rushing to a call out.
Police rushing to a call out.

Although KIN has noted complaints about Police at Paraparaumu not answering calls, Senior Sgt Chapman reiterates:

“If you see something that doesn’t look right, or you get the feeling something is off, please call us.”

‘Call straight away.’

The most important thing is to call straight away – anytime of day or night, she says.

“Time is of the essence for police – if we are aware of activity at or as close to the time that it is happening, we are better able to make progress with it.”

Other crime problems

Senior Sgt Chapman also reports: “Burglaries and thefts from cars continue with activity around Belford Court, Parakai Street, and the eastern side of the (railway) tracks, in Paraparaumu, over the weekend.

“This includes unknown people on properties and an attempt to take a trailer.”

Otherwise, she says, the past weekend has been a quiet one for local Police.