Poets To The People With Gill Ward

Gill Ward, our Poet Laureate

Greetings Literature People in Kapiti from the busy world of poetry, books and films. There’s so much happening it’s hard to accommodate all that is on offer. 

However, on starting Poets to the People the idea was to bring Poets out to Kapiti where we could hear them at a time that was suitable for us and for them.

Right now we couldn’t wish for a better venue and a better audience. As we all know events would be pointless if no-one showed up. So just to say, in a roundabout way, that we do appreciate our enthusiastic, empathetic and knowledgeable audience. 

Helen Heath’s electricity

Last month we presented Helen Heath.

Helen Heath

Her poetry was intriguing and if you want to know more Harry Ricketts reviewed her new collection Are Friends Electric? on National Radio, Nine to Noon, on May 29. 

He examined a couple of the poems closely. I enjoyed the programme and Helen told me she was pleased with it too. You can also hear Helen read two of her poems on Poetry Shelf, Paula Green’s web page. The Poetry Shelf page is very interesting and keeps you well up with everything going on in the New Zealand poetry world. Paula gives me the impression she never sleeps!

  Poetry Shelf audio spot: Helen Heath reads two new poems from Are Friends Electric 

If you hover over this blue bit it will give you the link.

You can also Google Harry’s review on RNZ Nine to Noon May 29th.

Winter readings

Another yearly event about to start in July is Victoria University’s Winter Readings at Te Papa. These take place every Monday from 12.15pm to 1.15pm. (if you have a super Gold Card there is time to get in and home again by train and bus). Some winter Mondays it is possible to walk up or back along the wharf for this free and stimulating literary treat.

Two items which caught my eye were Harry Ricketts on July 30, so if you missed him here a chance to go to that. On August 6th a quartet of poets will be reading.  There are many more excellent offerings.

Richard Langston coming

Our June Poet is Richard Langston. Richard has been a tv, radio and print journalist for over 30 years and still finds time to write poetry. His poetry is tender and accessible and no more so than in his very moving book, Things Lay in Pieces. This collection has a sequence of poems written when he was reporting on the Christchurch earthquake. Over the last twelve years Richard has been a guest poet several times and is always a well received favourite.

Fabulous poetry contest

And don’t forget  Kapiti Independent News, who have always supported our poetry, are going to have a monthly poetry competition.

Paper Plus, always hugely supportive, are on board as well.

There will be a panel of 3 judges, and one prize a month.

I’m neither a judge, nor competitor, but will be overseeing operations in a shadow (o.k. wrong word for me! ) role.

So… wait for it – the prize is very generous: KIN is giving $50 in Paper Plus vouchers; and Paper Plus will chip in with the current book of the month.

Thank you Paper Plus – best selection of poetry books on the coast. Please get your poetry brains in gear and check out Kapiti Independent News poetry competition online for the rules and condition of entry. We need to participate in this – it’s all part of poetry promotion in Kapiti.


Next meeting

As usual, remember to come -– Poets to the People, Richard Langston, High Tide Café, Sunday 24th June 4-6 pm. Cover charge $5. 

Even if you don’t write poetry, come along – you might be surprised!

Meanwhile, please get your poetry brains in gear and check out online the Kapiti Independent News poetry competition for the rules and condition of entry. We need to participate in this – it’s all part of poetry promotion in Kapiti.

Hope to see you soon,

Gill Ward

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