Poem Of The Week — ‘Minding The Gap’ Is Unforgettable

Gill Ward’s chosen a poem by Elizabeth Coleman for this week.

She says Elizabeth was a long-time supporter and co-organiser of the monthly café event Poets to the People in Kāpiti .

“Elizabeth is a supporter of NZ writing –  especially poetry – in the creatively rich Kāpiti region. Her own poetry, short stories and review work has been in Fourth Floor, Takahe, RadioNZ, Swings and Roundabouts, Dear to Me and other publications,”says Gill.

“And I love this poem. ‘Minding the Gap’, which is published online —  www.loveinthetimeofcovidchronicle.com. It’s edited by Michelle Elvy & Witi Ihimaera, 2020.” 


Minding the Gap, by Elizabeth Coleman 

‘Was almost about to hug her

but then

I remembered… 

Was almost about to move in close

laugh and

clasp her hands

Almost about to forget

when I remembered

not to 

A major danger

now is 

forgetting to remember

Hoping we’re nearly there   

I’m so 

anxious to cling

when forgetting to remember’s

a touching

glad thing’  


Elizabeth Coleman

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