Bianca Begovich’s Poem of the Week

Justice,judith collins


“Wetlands are just swamps”

Says Justice Ministress Judy

As she adds to their demise

In deals made over cups of tea


It’s not my place to tell her

They’re the kidneys of the earth

Filtering the seafood waters

Which supply her ample girth


Not to mention top grade pasture

To feed her Asian company

That needs swamps to take the shit they make

And ensure trade deals are free


She’s flying high in croc-skin shoes

Taking selfies with the stars

Where does she think her shoes once lived?

Crocs live in swamps, not Mars (unlike her)


But it’s nothing personal when she is mmugged

By a bro who’s caught no fish

It’s because he’s felt no trickle-down

He’s just administering justice.

(Dedicated to Ti Kouka Wetland)

(Note: In May, TV3’s 3rd Degree programme said $50 million worth of swamp kauri  has been stockpiled in Northland by a business linked to the Oravida firm and Justice Minister Judith Collins’ husband. Ms Collins said: “It’s not my issue. I don’t like wetlands – they’re swamps.”)


Bianca Begovich