Poem For Today, from Christopher Ruthe

2020 at the Eve

Barbeque with friends on an eve

That later produced a golden moon.

Australian fires agent

Of strange beauty.

A garden with rilling brook

Pohutukawa blossomed with fiery red

Crimson, vermillion.

A new decade’s dawning. 

Anticipation of newness

The eve



And friends spoke

Of evening

Evening of wealth and power

The levelling of pretension.

Spoke inadequately describes

The vigour, humour wit

Of enlightenment debate

Amongst a coven

Of musicians in love

With Beethoven Bach Bartok

Boccherini et al.

Bacchus was not ignored

Nor food fit for angels.

Whenua, whenua

Whakapapa, whakapapa.

Rooted, birthed in this place


Place of Aroha when labels’s of ethnicity

Are set aside.

And as we depart on this eve of the morrow

We pay homage to the Eve,

The mother of us all.

Happy New year Eve!

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