Plea to McDonalds

SPCA backs Greens’ animal welfare call to McDonalds

The SPCA agrees with the Green Party’s public request to McDonalds in New Zealand to set welfare standards for their pork products.

Juliette Banks, Marketing Manager for SPCA Blue Tick, says McDonalds have the ability to make a big impact on animal welfare due to the large quantities of product they purchase.

She says changing McDonald’s corporate policy to purchase only high welfare or cage-free products such as pork, eggs and chicken can improve the lives of millions of animals.

“Companies like McDonalds can change the face of our farming in New Zealand,” says

85% of hens still in battery cages

“85% of our hens are still being farmed in battery cages and 99% of the pig industry is still using inhumane methods such as sow stalls, farrowing crates and concrete fattening pens.”

The SPCA runs a certification scheme for farm animals in New Zealand known as the ‘Blue Tick’, which is seen on products such as chicken, pork and eggs. The scheme is regularly audited against their high welfare standards which are listed on their website The non-profit scheme was created to get animals out of cages and improve the welfare on farms.

“We also ask McDonalds, and indeed all other fast food businesses, to step up and lead the way to help improve animal welfare in New Zealand,” says Ms Banks.

She says the SPCA is ‘incredibly happy’ with the growth of the SPCA Blue Tick to date and would like to see the ‘Blue Tick’ on New Zealand takeaway menus so that consumers can guarantee they are eating a humanely farmed product.

About the SPCA Blue Tick

The SPCA’s Blue Tick is a national certification programme that identifies the animal food product it adorns as being produced in a manner that is guaranteed to be humane.

To earn the right to display the Blue Tick logo, producers must meet the SPCA’s welfare standards and undergo thorough auditing on a regular basis by qualified and independent inspectors.

Free range and barn laid eggs were first to be accredited under the scheme in 2001, and in 2007 free range and eco barn (free farmed) pork and pork products were added. In 2012 the first free range chicken was launched.

Choosing products displaying the SPCA Blue Tick logo enables consumers to confidently select humanely-produced food and in turn this is helping to improve the welfare of New Zealand’s farm animals.