Plea To Jacinda For Our Future

KIN Editor Alan Tristram says: “Jacinda, for God’s

‘Houses before roads,’ please
Prime Minister

sake start a massive State House building programme when Covid-19 is beaten.

You have showm us how much you care for Kiwis.

Now get proper housing for the hundreds of thousands of families paying rack rents without hope of a secure future.

Nothing would do more to provide a way up for our multitudes of deprived children and their parents.

Nothing gives one a better start in life than a safe, warm, affordable home.

Personally, I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing about massive roading plans. The Motorways and Expressways can come later– perhaps.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs can be created by a massive State housing plan. A proper fully electrified rail system would help too.

But housing before everything. Don’t fret too much about the master plan.

In fact, a plan exists — Jacinda, just look at the photo on your office wall of Michael Savage, head of the first Labour Government in the 1930’s. They built State houses which are still serving us well.

The Government has the land, the money, and the people’s support — now for God’s sake get the houses built.

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