Planet A" protest

6 December 2009

Cr Lyndy McIntyre and a group of Paekakariki people set out for the ‘Planet A” protest in Wellington at the weekend.
Some 40 people from Kapiti and Mana travelled to the Capital to join the Walk for the Climate rally (Dec 6).
Later, they  marched from Civic Square to Parliament to back up an International Day of Action on Climate Change.
The placards featured the ‘Expressway’ because, Cr McIntyre says, ‘The best action for the Kapiti Coast will be to turn the tide on Government support for massive road projects and to win support local sustainable solutions.’

Supporters of the International Day of Action on Climate Change gather at Civic Square in Wellington at the weekend.
Nearly 2,000 men, women and children took part in the rally, which was timed to encourage political action at the Copenhagen Summit on climate change, which will get underway in Denmark later this week.
One of the Kapiti Coast organisers, Cr Lyndy McIntyre, says millions of people throughout the world have been ‘hitting the streets to call on political leaders to set ambitions targets’ at Copenhagen to cut carbon emissions.