Picture of the Week

Spoonbills waking upWaking up on the Kapiti Coast

Photo by Gavin Klee, of the Kapiti Coast Photographic Society
Text by Ian Linning, Society President
Gavin is a world-class nature photographer who spends lots of his ‘not so spare time’ at the Waikanae Estuary. His time investment and skills are rewarded by images similar to this one. Gavin always goes the extra mile to capture the image, in this case crawling across wet sand.

Gavin’s comments – “Some of the most important principles in any bird photography is to know
your subject and approach them in a slow and non threatening manner. This
group of spoonbills were still asleep as the sun was beginning to rise above the Tararua ranges .Taking care not to disturb them I managed to inch my way forward by
crawling across the wet sand of the estuary to capture this image .”



The photo of the spoonbills is magnificent. I am jealous but then I probably wouldn’t crawl over the mud to get the photo!! it was good to meet you on Friday photographing the resident kingfisher. It was there again the next day and I did the best I could with my little camera and just loved watching it.
A tui preparing for nesting as very active on the lawn at Elm Court El Rancho, gathering grass and lichen and bits, very close to people and not at all pertuurbed.