Photo of the Week: Demolition!

This is what it must be like throughout Aleppo. Wellington bystander

Earthquake risk coming down

Story by Roger Childs, photos by Pam Childs

2016-12-19-12-49-28The 7.8 Culverden earthquake caused more damage in Wellington than originally thought. As readers will know, there is currently plenty of debate over the murky science of assessing tectonic damage. It seems that a number of building owners may have received over-generous assessments from friendly engineers.

However, some building in Wellington and the Hutt Valley are coming down, and the most spectacular project so far is the demolition of the former Deloittes building in Molesworth Street. The highly skilled work being carried out by the crews with sophisticated machinery is a regular attraction for local workers and visitors to the capital.

One huge machine gnaws away carefully at the higher sections of the ten storied building, like a Tyrannosaurus Rex harvesting foliage off a tall tree.