Photo of the Week: Day of the Dead

There is some sadness as we remember our lost love ones, but it also a time of happiness as we are reunited. Mexican Ambassador, Her Excellency, Mrs Rosaura Leonora Rueda Gutierrez

Remembering the departed

By Roger Childs

This is a poignant time of the year for Mexicans, as they remember those who have passed on.

There are two days of remembrance:

~ November 1: a day when departed children’s souls return to Earth.

~ November 2: when the adults who have passed away return.

Many traditions accompany the commemorations, such as

  • having elegantly dressed skeletons with distinctive expressions (See below)
  • surrounding them with marigolds and lighted candles
  • having special bread and drinking hot chocolate.


Day of the Dead display at the Mexican Embassy in Wellington