Paula Burkett’s Column

Why wasn’t action taken to stop 2nd Kāpiti Lights tragedy?

By Paula Burkett

As pleasing as it is to see that the KCDC and local Police have finally been spurred into action, why is it always after the horse has bolted that preventative measures are put in place?

Take the Kapiti Safer Community Council: What were they doing prior to the two deaths to make Kapiti a safer place to live? There was very little revealed after the first death, that of Izak Millanta. For five weeks there appeared to be little done to prevent this from happening again, other than adopting a sit-on-hands approach.

It was good to see a larger Police presence over the weekend. Will this be a permanent solution or a temporary measure? … And, if it is temporary, for how long will this be in place and then what happens afterwards?

CCTV cameras needed elsewhere too

CCTV cameras are now installed and operating; will this method be used for other problem spots in the area if local criminals decide to congregate elsewhere?

And just what is the Kapiti Youth Council doing to help?

We have seen Councillors K Gurunathan and Tony Lester, and Mayor Jenny Rowan, actively involved in promoting the recent changes. But what about the others?

The Retro Bar has a known history of undesirable behaviour, why has it been allowed to remain open till 3am for so long? Views opposing this only seemed to surface last week?

What was MP Guy doing?>

What is Otaki MP Nathan Guy doing, if anything, to contribute to improving to local safety?

Other communities may well want to learn from this. Putting preventative measures in place before things get out of control would be a more proactive way of dealing with increasing populations and the problems that come with them.

Recently we have seen massive Council spending on the palatial new KCDC headquarters building, on the installation of water metering, on the upgrade of the park in Raumati, and many other big items.

But we have seen nothing until recently on improving the safety of the people who live here … so have we been guilty of that old kiwi adage “she’ll be right”?