Parking Times Cut In Paraparaumu

‘Council are recommending reducing most of the 4 hour time limits, at the library, to either one or two hours limits.

‘We will be fully supporting this when voting on the report at our next Community Board meeting.

‘Many locals told us that the car parks near the library are full of cars owned by those who work nearby,’ they say.

‘Reducing the time limit should prevent this from happening and help library users secure a park more easily.

“If locals have any other issues that concern them, please let us know.’

But I dont think that the council contracting out people checking wof and rego is part of a councils core business.
Time foe a brand new one.

Hi there,
I would be interested to know WHO is the person that made the first comment regarding parking at library. It has not been indicated.

Parking meters? More money to these people as if they don’t get enough of ours already. How about enough parking to start with? The one good thing about this council is that they haven’t done what you want but there’s no law against stupidity, just as well for you…

There I was at 10.00 on Monday morning ready to get my Friends library books….no parks!
The same experience on other days at other times.

What about parking meters,
staff can pay if they wish to go to work with a car, which brings in some money to maintain the grounds around the library, and many might just be encouraged to us public transport or the push bike. Frees up a lot of parking spaces for ratepayers keen to use the library.

Many more 10 – 30 minute spaces need to be created for the library users.
I don t see why our rates need to be used for councill staff parking, while many of us illegally park our cars at Coastland shopping mall.


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