Paraparaumu Transport Hub Nears Completion

It’s ‘road cone central’ as the work on upgrading old highway One through Paraparaumu has
now reached the Kāpiti Road intersection,reports Jeremy Smith.
Parallel to the upgrade the contest for motorists’ dollars has also increased.

The Paraparaumu Transport Hub

‘Revocation’ hands the old SH1 to KCDC
Work on the road upgrade is part of the Revocation, Waka Kotahi’s term for the process
where a former state highway is handed over to the local Council.
So far it’s included a roundabout into and out of Raumati Road, plus new lights at the
Ihakara street intersection, new road surfaces, footpaths and cycle paths.

The poles for the new traffic lights for the raised pedestrian crossing from Coastlands to the
transport centre are in place.
This will enable pedestrians, cyclists and mobility riders to move between Coastlands and the
bus and railway station at street level. They will still have to go underground to get to or from
the other side of the rail lines.

Big money spent on gas stations
But alongside the government spend big money has been spent on petrol stations.
This month has seen the opening of a new petrol outlet NPD at the corner of Ihakara street
close to the new lights.
And Mobil is spending big on a glossy new station at its traditional site on Kapiti Road,
diagonally opposite the BP.

So amid the talk about motorists moving to EVs, or plug-in hybrids the oil retailers are
expecting to be in business in central Paraparaumu for quite some time.

Work underway at the new Mobil station
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