Outrage At Rate Rises For Kāpiti

Guy Burns, deputy chair of Raumati Paraparaumu Community Board

Guy Burns, deputy chair of Raumati Paraparaumu Community Board, says he’s outraged at the latest hike in rates for the District.

Rises of nearly 5% in Kāpiti

He says: “Kapiti Coast District Council is planning an average rates increase of five (4.8) per cent. They’ve brought it down from a planned 6 per cent; probably because it’s election year.

Five percent is on the high side and kept up because of the massive debt built up by historic Council high spending.

‘Massive’ GWRC rise

“The KCDC rise, combined with Greater Wellington Regional Council’s planned massive 9 per cent rise will hit ratepayers deeply in the pocket.

“KCDC rates can be cut back if Councillors instruct the Chief Executive to reduce the massive organisational expenditure which increases steadily every year.

“Over 300 staff work full time at KCDC and most carry out essential work in a professional manner.

Within the 300 staff are roles which are non-essential—the cream on top of the cake.

Paraparaumu HQ of the KCDC — which has 300 people working full-time

These obscure roles need to be identified and cut out.”

 Mr Burns adds: “Greater Wellington Regional Council’s huge increase is outrageous and reflects an organisation out of control, with no ability to work efficiently and within reasonable fiscal means.

‘Glorified smoko hut’?

“The one million dollar glorified staff smoko-hut/meeting rooms in Queen Elizabeth Park hasn’t helped our rates bill either.

“I call for an organisation review of Kapiti Coast District Council, with the aim of rationalising the workforce based on efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

“Return Council spending to essential services. Also, Kapiti should break from the Regional Council and manage its own affairs.”

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