Our Council Can Stop A Child Being Killed On Raumati Roads

Open Letter to KCDC Chief Executive, Wayne Maxwell: 

We are conducting a campaign on behalf of local people worried about the traffic dangers for children at Raumati Beach.

And we are sure you personally want to prevent any child being seriously injured, or killed, in the heavy traffic in this area.
This is a huge responsibility.

We do realise the speed limit has been lowered to 30k in a limited area at Raumati Beach. But this is not nearly enough.

As a starter, can you tell us, please:

1. What further steps are planned by the Council to protect children in this area?

2. Is the KCDC working with Police to enforce the 30k limit and to ensure that there is a Police presence around schools when     children are arriving and departing?

3. Can something been done immediately to make the pedestrian crossing on Raumati Road (next to the E-charging station)     much safer? Cars sweep around the corner outside the pub and have very limited distance (approx.40 metres) before they reach this often-crowded crossing.

4. The roads at Paraparaumu Beach have been made much safer by the extensive use of speed humps. Will the Council plan to     install these at Raumati Beach as soon as possible?

5.  Who is the KCDC officer in charge of road safety in this area?

6. Does this officer have resources at his disposal (eg money) to deal with this growing problem?

We would be grateful for  timely action on these questions so that — working with the Community — the Council can forestall a tragedy involving our children.

With sincere regards,
Alan Tristram                                                                                                Editor, Kapiti and Coast Independent

I have previous written to Council and posted my concern about the traffic situation at Raumati Village. Previously staff had informed me that they will be investigating and planning this year for a raised table area at the intersection of Margaret Rd and Raumati Rd similar to the treatment at Ngaio Rd and Parata St intersection in Waikanae.

Now its official and it looks like a wider review is being undertaken. Council staff today announced that a review of the Raumati Beach Village roading corridor, including potential traffic calming and safety improvements, is currently being undertaken. This review will be completed later this calendar year.

Hi Bede,
Thankyou for bringing this to my attention. We’ve had the same sort of attitude from council as well at Paraparaumu Beach when I was Chair of the business association. Very frustrating.
You know I support the project that is current being touted for the Raumati pools space.The kapiti Marine Discovery Center.
I’d love to see this linked through the park and into the township so that all the synergies work.
I have proposed, If elected, to work on the development of business and resident associations linked in with the community boards( in the first instance ),That system isn’t working the way it should at the moment, then we need to be bringing that Kaupapa, as ward candidates (Im also standing for ward candidate Paraparaumu) or Mayor, into council. KCDC is meant to be an implementer, not the gate keeper. It needs to be working for its customers ….our community.
As I alluded to at the Chamber meeting Bede, I might wrsetle you for funds as a competing ward councillor …but it’s really about working together to get our whole district up and running and having Councillors that are at the rock face and in touch with the communities they represent.
I have a catch phrase “Your Needs, My Focus”,Its not lip service, If the above are the issues our community wants us t address, then as Councillors it is our Job to represent and get action.
Looking forward to hopefully working with you Bede.
Regards Martin Halliday Mayoral Candidate Kapiti Coast , Ward Candidate Paraparaumu.

And we particularly liked your promise to immediately restore the library books budget. This alone would get you my vote! Alan Tristram, Editor

Hi Bede,
My advice is that all you Raumati shopkeepers close for a couple of hours and go to a meeting. Do Not Wait Three Hours to have your say. At the meetings beginning just do your thing. The fact that those who take your money under the guise of representing you and then doing the complete opposite is a scandal that the present mayor said last election he was going to change. Well he didn’t.

When politicians won’t do their job it’s time to make them. Another tried and true method is to block the road and so cause mayhem. The papers will be there in a few minutes, it will be all over the news. This is a surefire way that will certainly get these peoples attention. There is no better time than now. Don’t worry about breaking the law because when this is done for the right reasons no one is going to blame you for doing the right thing. Even going to a meeting and just saying you will do as such will make ‘them’ shit themselves…

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your response. We approached Council as a united body of business owners a couple of years ago. Council have shown no interest in sorting Raumati out. It appears that while our representative Council provided us with a certain level of support, the operations branch have scuttled any chances of work being done.
Rather than taking the law into my own hands I have chosen a different path. I am standing for the Paekakariki Raumati Ward at the upcoming elections. I don’t want to turn this forum into an electioneering platform, but Raumati will be key to my focus if I am elected.

This is a topic close to my heart, and one I would like to see addressed. My wife and I have two shops in Margaret Road and that intersection is an issue at all times of day. A couple of years ago I had a discussion with a senior member of Council who I won’t name. I said I was concerned about the safety of that intersection. They said that because it was so dangerous people took care, and there had therefore not been any deaths – therefore there was no urgency to fix it! I was flabbergasted.
For quite some time now we have been trying to get Council to follow through with plans for Raumati Beach Village, and part of that hope was to have issues such as this intersection properly addressed. The reality is that a fix for the intersection would need to be part of a broader plan. If it is done piecemeal then each fix may create a new problem.
I am standing in the Paekakariki Raumati Ward at the upcoming election, and I want to bring focus to the lack of attention paid to the Raumati Beach Village area. We need to have an overall plan developed so that all of the minor and major issues are addressed together.
If readers want to discuss this issue with me they can email me at votebede@gmail.com
Bede Laracy


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