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james cootesOtaki Community Board answers Ann Lawler

James Cootes, Otaki Community Board Chair

The last thing the Otaki Community Board wants is to be providing facilities that are not wanted by this community.

We exhibited this as a Board in our thorough approach to the proposed Tennis Court at Te Horo beach where residents were surveyed, we listened to concerns and kept an open mind.

While there are several inaccuracies in comments made by Ms Lawler we do still hear her concerns and take them on board. Balanced against that there are many in our community who are excited at the prospect of getting a splash pad which will not only provide enjoyment for young but for parents and grandparents.

We are in the very early stages of the process, there will be more consultation and an opportunity to hear the views of our community.

I think it is important to note that some of the projects raised in Ms Lawler’s correspondence are already being done or they are on our radar for future reserve fund projects as there is still money in the reserve fund budget. But some items like a BMX track, for example, may have only been a submission from a single individual and on that basis we would be unwise to go ahead and build one.

There was similar concern with the community space built next to the Otaki Memorial Hall, but that over time has proved to be a great success and is enjoyed by many in our community — and is enhancing the look of this great town we live in.

The important thing moving forward is that the community engages with the Board in the opportunities provided, like surveys, etc, in a pro-active way to help us make a decision that will have the support of the wider community.