Open Space Worth Preserving

By Roger Childs

‘… it would be a nice addition to the ridgeline walks and connects with the track further north that links to the Nikau Reserve’ — Jan Nisbet

Nikau Valley scene
Nikau Valley scene

Great views from above Nikau

 The overland link from the top of Nikau Palm Road to the northern end of Valley Road is a great trek with classic views of the area. It is a mix of ups and downs through farmland and is currently zoned Open Space on the Kapiti Coast District Plan.

It also has a nature conservation covenant and it links neatly with tracks leading to the top of the Nikau Reserve further north.

If this route is added to the walkways/cycleways of the area eventually we will be able to walk from the southern escarpment by Paekakariki to the Waikanae River along the escarpment… says Jan Nisbet

Check it out

 If you haven’t done this short walk/run, give it a go. You won’t be disappointed. There and back, it is 3.6 km and the round trip is about 5.5 km.

  • Access Nikau Palm Road, which goes to Nikau Valley, from State Highway One, just north of Paraparaumu.
  • Park at the crest of Nikau Palm Road.
  • Climb over the gate and head along the gently rising farm track on the ridge. Give any cattle a wide berth!
  • The track veers right and climbs to a farm gate: shut it behind you.
  • Continue along the farm track and go to the left of the pylon. Great views from here!
  • Follow the farm road on a steep downhill until you come to a gate at the bottom.
  • If you are doing the round trip, turn right on to the private road which will lead you to Valley Road.
  • When you reach Valley Road turn right and you will come to Ruapehu St.
  • Turn right and then take the second right off Ruapehu St which is Ruahine St.
  • Continue along Ruahine St until it meets State Highway One.
  • Go past the North Highway Service Station and then right over the grass into Te Tupe Rd and past the Ten Bowling building.
  • Then turn right into Nikau Palm Road and it’s about a 1 km climb to the top.

Of course if you want avoid this climb at the end, start your trek from Te Tupe Rd.

Higgins Aggregates Limited wants to dump fill

Nikau Palm Road The company which runs the Kapiti Quarry on Ruahine St, (see photo alongside), wants to dump 385,000 cubic metres of cleanfill in a gully west of the ridgeline.

Higgins would use the road into the valley from their quarry, so access to Nikau Valley over the hill from State Highway One would not be affected.

They have sought Resource Consent for the project which would require a change to the zoning of a significant part of the open space in the area.


Preserve the existing designation and enhance the access

The area has power lines crossing it and can’t be built on, but filling a gully with a large quantity of dirt would detract from the appearance of the landscape.

It would be great if KCDC stepped in and improved the access through the area so that more people could enjoy the link and the wonderful views along the ridge.

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