Old Man Assaulted

Poice ask public to help find young man in Waikanae Beach attack

Kapiti Police are seeking the help of the public in Waikanae Beach to find a young man after an 87- year-old man was assaulted and seriously hurt outside his home at the weekend.

The injured man, who lives near Rutherford Drive and Freyberg Crescent, was told by his 89-year- old wife that teenagers were jumping in groomed macrocarpa bushes on the front of his property. The assault took place on Saturday about 4.45pm when the elderly man walked to the front of his property where he asked the teenagers to get out of his tree and move along.  He was verbally abused with one of the youths replying, ‘Who’s going to make us?’

Teenager strikes out

The teenager then struck out at the homeowner, pushing him off-balance and he then fell onto the roadway.  The elderly man wasn’t able to break his fall and his head struck the roadway.

He received serious injuries, lacerating his face in several places and fracturing his cheekbone.

The teenagers ran off into William Street.

Neighbours who witnessed the man in distress and bleeding profusely from the head area called Police.

A suspect was identified jumping over fences in the Frances Street/Fieldway/Jane Street area in an attempt to avoid detection by attending Police.

The teenagers were not located and the main suspect is described as follows:

Suspect’s description 

Male, probably European, aged approximately 18 years, wearing a black top, black three-quarter length shorts and a black baseball cap.  He has a close-cut haircut, more than likely No 1 or shaved.

Detective Matt Campbell of the Kapiti Police would like any information on the suspect’s identity or location.

Detective Campbell says: “This assault on an elderly resident protecting the sanctity of his home is a cowardly attack on a helpless,frail old man.

“Someone will know who the attacker is, having been told after the assault, more than likely with the offender playing down his own actions, minimising his culpability.

“Whether or not he describes it as a simple push does not detract from the fact that an elderly gentleman has suffered serious injuries as a result of a foolish act.  The suspect needs to be held accountable and come forward and speak to Police.”

Persons with information can contact Detective Campbell direct on 04-296 6814 or confidentially by calling the Crimestoppers line on 0800 555111.




the real story here is that a concerned neighbour who saw the indivduals concerned , and the direction that they went hopped in a police car and went in the direction that they left . After identifying one of the assailants the officer did nothing to apprehend the the individual . Needless to say concerned citizen was quite dismayed by this .