Oil Drilling Protests

oil drilling protest

Paekak. does its bit in nationwide protests against deeepsea drilling offshore

By Alan Tristram

This group turned out at Paekakariki Beach on the Kapiti Coast yesterday as huge crowds gathered at more than 45 West Coast beaches across the North Island to oppose offshore oil drilling.

The protests started yesterday,continued today, and included protests on the east coast and in the South Island, protest organiser Greenpeace says.

Protesters have been voicing opposition to plans to drill New Zealand’s deepest exploratory oil well.

In the South Island today, placard-wielding residents have gathered at New Brighton beach in Christchurch.

About 50 protesters assembled at New Brighton pier at 1pm today to oppose Texas oil giant Anadarko’s presence off the coast of Raglan, where an exploratory oil well will be drilled in 1500 metres of water this month.

Green MP Gareth Hughes spoke to protesters, outlining his concerns about the drilling.

The protests came as the drilling company,Anadarko, said it would most likely begin drilling at the well — in 1500  metres of water and located 204 kilometres off Raglan — in the near future.

The plans have ignited fury from environmental groups who say drilling puts New Zealand’s coastal communities at risk of a devastating oil spill.

The largest crowd was at Piha, where over 1000 gathered with banners — and a group performed a haka.

Greenpeace climate campaigner Steve Abel said the huge turnout sent a strong message to the Government.

“Kiwis have drawn a line in the sand saying quite clearly they don’t want deep sea oil drilling in New Zealand waters.” he said.

While activists protested on the sea shore, a group of protest boats were continuing to circle the Texan oil exploration ship the Noble Bob Douglas at the drill site.

A flotilla of six boats was protesting, but only Greenpeace boat the SV Vega has breached a 500 metre exclusion zone.

Police said they were monitoring the situation but were yet to take any action.

Earlier this week, the skipper of the Vega reprehended the ‘dangerous’ tactics of an Anadarko drilling ship and its support vessel, after it was almost ‘squashed’ between them.

Did you know Greenpeace has over $100 million usd invested in the system, they are tits deep in destroying the very thing they profess to want to protect.
I wonder how much the Green party have in on going investments? IE Wellington real estate for their politicians pension funds.
And 350.org is bank rolled by the Rockefeller group.

GROWTH is good, just listen to the politicians and the mainstream media. Spend spend spend. Retail figures up up up. More houses, more roads, more car sales – isn’t that good for GROWTH?
More people needed to continue with exponential growth. Robert is correct.

I’ve got a bit of time to kill, so I will try and spell out the futility of this action.
First – the bastards that bought you Fukushima and the other 434 nuke power plants do not give a toss about their or your children, they own the banks and all the politicians, and their bosses, you know – the CEO’s and bureaucrats. The ‘common people’ are just cannon fodder, and if you aren’t helping to consume the planet, then you are in the way.
Fortunately for the powers that be (TPTB), most people are too dumbed down or apathetic to say or do anything, be the time the general dumb public (GDP) wake up it is always too late.
Being as most of the GDP are happy happy joy joy Kiwi Saver investors, they want the TPTB to keep on doing what they are doing, because their investments are dependent on GROWTH, and growth needs more and more cheap energy, and the truth is deep oil is still cheaper than any alternative, and actually gives an energy return on the energy invested, (stuff all) unlike say a wind farm (taking the subsidies away, they give less than zero return), although that doesn’t take into account the environmental damage caused by a blow out, but like I said “they’ don’t care, so that is not taken into the cost of DSO. And the GDP will only get off their collective apathetic backsides when the oil is lapping on the beaches … you know, too late.
The next immediate clear and present danger is Fukushima, the TPTB don’t want you to know this could be (read is) an extinction event, do some research.
Then there is the 396 – 400 parts per million of CO2 that is floating around the atmosphere now. We are @ .8 degrees C above preindustrial (1850) at the moment, some say we are about 30 years behind the affects of our pollution, the last time the atmosphere was @ 400 ppm it was 6 degrees C above what it was in 1850, and the oceans were 23 meters above where they are now, the only mammal on the planet was a mouse. … No humans
The International Energy Agency, whom the government have quoted ad infinitum when they were saying peak oil 2037, has since confirmed PO was 2006, the govt has gone quite on these facts, and now that the IEA has come out and said ‘business as usual’ will mean 3.5 degrees above 1850 by as soon as 2035, they have gone into reverse IE more roads etc.
Even if humans left the planet tonight, or we had Jesus as world leader, we are still locked into abrupt runaway climate change, and unavoidable extinction, some are saying as soon as 2035, it will take a Typhoon Haiyan or 2 per year from now on to understand this.
There will come a time in the not to distant future when the announcement of a pregnancy will be greeted with alarm and sadness, this will be when the GDP wake up …. As I said too late 😉
If you people want to stop future suffering, the humane thing to do is stop having children, again this idea will become common – too late (which clearly it is already), we are now in the last generation, I call then Generation Omega.
Re: Brownlee turning the first sod on Transmission Gully, he stated in June 2010, (after the IEA said we peaked in motor vehicle fuel in 2008), that ‘peak oil’ wouldn’t be till 2037 , hence more roads and deep sea drilling. So if one of our so called leaders can turn a blind eye to what the advisors they have been paying and quoting for years are saying, then what hope? This is Dr Fatih Birol -IEA- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8KOuzFGg4Y “The period of cheap oil is over” 2008, note – 2 years before Brownlee assured us it wasn’t for another 27 years. And we pay him good money to be awake. And our govt pays the IEA thousands $$$, I would guess a minimum of $50,000.00 for their annual reports, which they now ignore !!!!
So yeah protesting? You might as well vote, it will do as much good.

Greenpeace, The Green Party, 350.org and every other so called ‘alternative’ is an utter waste of time, especially while the population keeps increasing. And as I’ve tried to explain, regardless of if the population keeps increasing.

I’m sure I’ve pushed my word limit to the limit.