NZTA Says It Can’t Help Ducklings On Expressway

These ducklings made it — but the Expressway ducklings didn’t

The Transport  Agency says it can’t come to the aid of ducks and ducklings being killed by cars or other vehicles on the Kāpiti Expressway.

 A horrified Kāpiti Independenty reader says she’s seen three duck families slaughtered on the Expressway and appealed to the NZTA to do something.

She even offered to supply netting herself to line sections of the Expressway where the birds are at risk.

She says: “I travel to Porirua every day for work and last year I witnessed two families of ducks and ducklings get killed crossing the new expressway.

Incident near the Waikanae off-ramp
“This happened north-bound, just before the Waikanae off-ramp/exit, where there’s a pond on the east and west side of the expressway.
“Then four weeks ago, I witnessed the same thing (in the same area).  The mother duck managed to shuffle her brood to the middle medium strip only to be decimated on the other side. “
NZTA says it works ‘tirelessly’ to cut impacts

But the NZTA’s Senior Manager, Project Delivery Chris Hunt says: “The New Zealand Transport Agency works tirelessly to ensure our projects have minimal impacts on indigenous wildlife, including birds and other animals.

“For example, during the Expressway construction a huge amount of effort has gone into creating new habitats in the form of wetlands and native bush near the project. There has also been general landscape planting with over 1.4 million plants that will encourage birdlife.

“However, animals or birds on the expressway happens occasionally.

“Unfortunately fencing is not viable to keep ducks and ducklings from entering the motorway corridor.

“Also, moving a bird or group of birds from the motorway edge is unlikely to help as ducks are a highly mobile species and will return quickly to the place where they were removed from.”

rubbish! WHY isn’t it viable? if they can think about and install safe passage for wildlife in the UK, why can’t we? If you drive the length of the expressway you’ll see it littered with dead birds. Their response proves they don’t care as they’ve offered no alternative or even invited conversation/ideas on how else to protect the wildlife and thus, traffic. They forget, that’s the bigger picture – do we have to wait until someone is seriously hurt or worse?


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