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Author Judith Holloway, l

‘Hysterical right-wing nonsense’ displayed in attacks on Jacinda

By Judith Bryers Holloway

Honestly! The beat-up in the media about our Prime Minister ‘losing the plot’ about sex orgies, Carol Hirschfield’s possible lobbying of the Minister of Broadcasting, the possible existence of Russian spies in the Russian Embassy!

What a lot of hysterical, right-wing nonsense!

How is it possible for Jacinda Adern to take control of the antics of a drunken, male lout, after-hours, at a Young Labour Conference in the country? Was anyone damaged? No. Did others put a stop to it? Yes. Enough said! ‘Twere ever thus.

Why shouldn’t we get decent broadcasting?

Why shouldn’t one of the best and most respected journalists and media managers in the country, Carole Hirschfield, not converse

Carol Hirschfield

with the new Minister of Broadcasting about the important business of giving us Kiwis back a decent TV channel geared up to great journalism, drama and intelligent documentaries about our country and the world we live in? Everyone I know longs for that!

We used to have it. Now, those without access to excellent channels like Sky Arts, Rialto, RT and Aljazeera, are fed mostly American copycat rubbish as fill-ins for the profitable adverts. As for the chitter-chatter that is supposed to pass for ‘current affairs’, who can stand it? Teenagers, perhaps. But they don’t bother with TV at all.

I for one would be happy to pay a licence fee for an ad-free intellectually alert, truly NZ Channel that takes itself and us viewers seriously.

Russians celebrating Victory Day in the Palace Square in St Petersburg

And what about the Russians?

Russians. I’ve known many Russians over the years. I used to belong to the NZ-USSR Society. I have always found Russians to be very similar across a range of types to New Zealanders. They themselves make the same observation.

My most beloved literature was written by the Russian geniuses, Tolstoy and Chekov. Some of the most glorious music, musicians, dancers, theatre and opera has emanated from Russia. And still is flowing from that source.

What on earth have we here for Russians to spy on, steal, or want to destroy?

I’ll be very glad if Jacinda Adern and her Ministries refuse to fall into line with the Trumpery of anti-socialist bias coming from greedy banks, money markets, arms manufacturers, military nut-cases, the vast prying/controlling forces of the Internet and the CIA – all simply the gatekeepers of Capitalism.

Let’s emulate Finland. Norway, Denmark and Iceland

Katrin Jacobsdotter, PM of Iceland

Let’s be sane and sensible, full of fellowship, delighting in peace and justice, like Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland – rated the

four happiest countries in the world by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.  (NZ is rated tenth; USA 18th.)

Interestingly, Iceland’s new Prime Minister, Katrin Jakobsdotter, also leading a Left-Green Coalition, bears a remarkable resemblance in style and substance to Jacinda Adern.

I couldn’t be prouder of that!



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