NZ Union Condemns Israel

gaza warUnite says NZ Govt should shut Israeli Embassy in Wellington

By Alan Tristram

In reaction to the carnage in the fighting between Israel and Hamas, the Unite Union says the NZ Government must stop its one-sided pro-Israel stance.

It also says the Government  should close the Israeli Embassy in Wellington, stop the special visa-free arrangement for young Israelis coming to New Zealand, and boycott Israel.


Unite’s national director, Mike Treen, says: “With over 500 Palestinians killed in Gaza – most of them civilians – we are disgusted at the feeble comments from Foreign Minister Murray McCully and meaningless words of Prime Minister John Key.

“Key is happy to condemn those responsible for the airline tragedy in Ukraine but refuses to condemn Israeli state terror which has murdered hundreds more civilians in Gaza.”

Unite says it’s NZ’s fastest growing private sector union, covering low-paid workers in many areas —  including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, call centres,cinemas and retail shops.

Unite is also calling on people in Auckland to attend a ‘Stop Israeli State Terror’ rally and march next Saturday (26th) in  Aotea Square at 2pm.

Pro-Palestinian protest last weekend in Auckland
Pro-Palestinian protest last weekend in Auckland

The rally is being organised by the Palestine Solidarity Network, Kia Ora Gaza, the Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Students for Justice in Palestine, and Global Peace and Justice Auckland.

Mr Treen adds:  “The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is getting much worse and the world is marching in unprecedented numbers.

“New Zealanders spoke out strongly last Saturday with a march of 5,000 people in Auckland (see pic/right) – the biggest march ever in New Zealand in support of Palestinians – and in other centres as well.”


You guys that back the terrorists in Gaza will one day regret your ill informed decision along with the tyrany it will bring. Are you blind to the murder commited by Hamas and others outside of Gaza? Sad that a NZ publication like this prints one sided propoganda to twist the minds of the ignorant. Over 500 Kiwis stood today for peace and for Israel in the QE Square in Auckland.