NZ History Revised

History all in one place

By Roger Childs

Kapiti Independent is fortunate to have the services of Waikanae-based historian, John Robinson.
There has been considerable interest in his weekly articles which take a fresh look at 19th century New Zealand history.
To help readers who may have come on John’s articles “part way through”, we have placed them all in order in the New Zealand History section below the masthead.

The search for truth
John has long been concerned about the sanitizing and slanting of our country’s story, especially on the interactions between Maori New Zealanders and the settlers who came from the Northern Hemisphere.
His approach focuses on seeking the truth, primarily from the accounts of people who took place in events or were observers at the time. He also emphasizes that, in seeking to understand 19th century history, readers must accept that the events were complex and did not have simplistic causes and effects.
The main characters were also not consistent in their actions and views.
Te Rauparaha one of the most feared of the warrior chiefs

For example, the brutal warrior chiefs Te Wherowhero and Te Rauparaha became men of peace in their declining years and urged their followers to live in harmony with the new settlers and the government.

If you haven’t yet got into John’s revisionist history, refer to the New Zealand History section below the masthead.
You won’t be disappointed.