New Kāpiti Toilets – Editor Resists Urge To Write Corny Headline

This was the Council’s first headline: ‘ Kāpiti Coast wipes up with funding for four new toilet and amenity projects’.

The Council continued: ‘Council is feeling flush after securing funding totalling $535,000 for four toilet and amenity projects through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF).’

KIN will confine itself to saying the Tourism Fund supports local government to address tourism .infrastructure.

Toilet humour continues

And then the Council wordsters are back on the theme: ‘Given the growing interest from visitors in exploring the district’s impressive network of trails for cycling and walking, the funds are a welcome relief, says Mark Ward, Economic Development Manager for Council.  

“We have been awarded funding to develop three new toilets, drinking water and automated External Defibrillator amenities positioned at the intersection of the Waikanae River Trail and the Kāpiti Coast Cycle Route, Chrystall’s Bend on the north bank of the Ōtaki River, and Hemi Matenga Reserve in Waikanae at the Tui Road entrance,’ says Mr Ward. 

Transport Hub part of the plan

‘We have also secured $200,000 towards the Paraparaumu Transport Hub which will include improved toilets and amenities. The Transport Hub features a new fully accessible public plaza and will improve our growing community’s public transport experience and connections to our retail area.’ 

This is the first time the Council has been awarded funding through the TIF which is said to be a vote of confidence in Kāpiti Coast’s growing visitor appeal. 

“We’ve been undertaking a lot of work to define the Kāpiti Coast’s unique selling points through our Destination Management Plan to grow the value of our visitor economy,;’ says Mr Ward.

Importance of outdoor activities

‘Through that process it was clear one of the standout experiences for visitors consistently involves our natural environment and outdoor activities such as cycling, walking and horse-riding,” says Mr Ward. 

‘If we want to continue to leverage our trails to attract visitors, we need a quality experience. We’re delighted to receive this funding because it will enable us to do that. 

It’s not just visitors that will benefit from the new amenities – the cycle trails are a hit with locals. Letters of endorsement from 12 community groups were received to support the funding application.‘ 

The Council says the funding will better protect the environment, too. That’s because all three sites earmarked for facilities are sensitive environments with no existing toilets nearby. 

De fibrillators included

Each facility will have a water bottle/doggy bowl filling station to reduce the need for single-use plastics and an AED (defibrillator) for emergencies. 

Construction of the Paraparaumu Transport Hub is set to begin next month and dates for the delivery of the other three projects, which will be managed by Council’s Property Unit, will be announced later. A condition of the funding is that the projects must be completed within 18 months. 

Detailed list of projects

Council will receive a total of $535,000 over the following projects: 

  • $132,000 for installation of toilet and amenities at Waikanae River/Kāpiti Coast Cycle Route Pathway,
  • $134,250 for installation of toilets and amenities at Chrystall’s Bend Ōtaki River,
  • $68,750 for installation of toilets, amenities and a bike rack at Hemi Matenga Reserve,
  • $200,000 towards the Paraparaumu Transport Hub.
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