New Kāpiti Candidate Wants KCDC To Pay ‘Living Wage’

Raumati resident Asher Wilson-Goldman, who’ll run for Districtwide Councillor on the KCDC, promises to try to get the Council to bring in the Living Wage of $21.15.

The Kāpiti Coast District Council does not have a  Living Wage Policy. But it says it does not pay less than the minimum adult wage of $17.70  — which is $3.45 less than the Living Wage.

But Mr Wilson-Goldman says: “We need a council that represents all of our residents, not just a select few.

His campaign promises

As a Districtwide Councillor, he also promises to:

  • Push central and regional Government to fund commuter rail to Ōtaki
  • Make sure new subdivisions take into account transport to town centres, schools and train stations;
  • Be part of a Council that meets the climate crisis head-on and leads local government in action on climate change;
  • Find ways to bring rubbish and recycling back in-house, so Council can incentivise waste-reduction, provide better value for residents and have fewer trucks on the streets

15 Years of campaigning

Mr Wilson-Goldman is 34 and says he has 15 years’ experience campaigning for ‘positive change,’ from grassroots volunteering to working in Parliament.

He works as a Communications and Partnerships manager in a central government agency, helping to connect community groups, local and central government to build stronger communities.

To follow his campaign, find out more or get in contact, visit

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