Nat. MP Defends Motorway

Guy ‘appalled’ at Labour’s Expressway policy

By Alan Tristram

Otaki MP Nathan Guy says that Kapiti locals will be horrified at comments from Labour party transport spokesman Phil Twyford wanting to scrap the Kapiti Expressway.

He says: “After decades of talk and uncertainty, we finally have a decision on building the Government-funded expressway and property purchases are well underway. Going back to the drawing board now and starting all over again would be the last thing our community needs. Locals want the Kapiti expressway to start as soon as possible.

“Mr Twyford’s comments seem to contradict those of his leader David Shearer, who has made two public statements in recent months which include stopping the project and supporting it.[i]

“These comments show a real ignorance on this important issue. Mr Twyford should come and visit our region at peak time if he really thinks our roads are ‘relatively uncongested.’ My constituents are sick and tired of sitting in traffic jams on a daily basis between Waikanae and Paraparaumu.

“If he was on top of his portfolio he would know the ‘Western Ring Route’ is a road in Auckland, not Kapiti.

“The benefit-cost figures Mr Twyford quotes are unofficial and unconfirmed. The Kapiti expressway is just one part of the Levin to Wellington Airport Road of National Significance, which also includes Transmission Gully.

“This project will bring a huge range of benefits to our region, including reduced congestion, safer roads, quicker journeys and an economic boost to the region including new jobs.

“Importantly, the expressway has strong local support. At last year’s election I campaigned strongly on this issue and was re-elected with an increased majority.

“A Board of Inquiry is currently considering the Kapiti expressway and is hearing a range of evidence. We should let them get on with the job.

“The Labour Party are out of touch with the positive mood towards the Kapiti expressway and it appears they are opposed to any progress for our region,” says Mr Guy.